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SE Elites is a program offered year-round where we highlight different progressions for development depending on the player's experience level. SE players during our identity phase(winter workouts) will be exposed to a series of mini progressions to show the little intricacies of all baseball movements.

SE players at our lower ages ranging from 12-14 years old are in our development phase where we mentally and physically prepare them for the rigors of competing on the national stage well as creating success at their respective levels.

Our hand-selected teams representing 15U to our national showcase team (17U) will compete at the highest level possible, with the expectation of being challenged every single game and practice, this is also where a qualified SE member will handle the recruitment and marketing of each player via social media and in-person networking.



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If both the player and the coaches think the athlete is a good fit for the team we'll send over welcome details and have the player complete their registration online.

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