Benefits of Private Instruction

• Individualized development
• Focused attention
• Collaborative approach to what is covered in that lesson
• Takeaways for next steps 

1 on 1 instruction

Private lessons are focused on individual development. Unlike a group session or a baseball practice, these sessions concentrate on areas of improvement that will impact the athlete most. Each private lesson builds on the last session to reinforce what was learned, and a new area of focus will be added.

Structured goals

Athletes will be encouraged to share what they would like to focus their time on, which creates a collaborative approach between the coach and the athlete. They will leave each lesson with key takeaways and exercises they should be doing between sessions.

off-field growth

Beyond athletic improvements, working with a private coach can help to boost athletes' confidence. The relationship created between a private coach and athlete can offer another person for your athlete to trust, respect, and share essential components of their lives.

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