Amplifying the success of youth baseball players in Philadelphia


Our coaches and instructors have a depth of experience and knowledge from different avenues of the baseball world which allows us to differentiate instruction based on players needs.

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"Our Son has played travel and club ball for 5 years for a few organizations. SE Elites by far has been the most focused on development and training I’ve seen so far. Early on in winter workouts Sean and coach Zimm were putting out some great practices. Practice was always new and had fresh drills not the same old repetitive stuff you see with other clubs. Sean was always bringing in some young ball players from local college's to help the kids at practice and it was a good morale booster. SE Elites are always looking for ways to improve the club and teams. I applaud that mindset. Not every club is open to new ideas or input. We’re glad we found this club and are looking forward to fall ball."

Alfie Williams
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